Web design and web development in Barcelona

Major aspects of web design.

Features of a top quality product

Graphic design

Attractive, functional, and that conveys the message wanted.


Transforms the graphic format into a digital format. A key process in the making of the website since it is shaped by it.


The good functioning of a website depends in great measure upon the programming. Programming with SQL, VBS, PHP, Actionscript we are adding dynamism and interactivity.

Search engine optimization - Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

The visibility of a website cab be improved removing the barriers to the indexing activities of search engines an with other various techniques.

Promoting a site

The number of visitors depends in part on the promoting process to increase the number of backlinks or inbound links.

Text content

Text content is something to take care of since it is the message that attracts customers and retains their attention. Otherwise the number of visitors may be set to suffer a significant decline.

Image content

Photography selection affects a visitor first visit, so if he/she is drawn by it at first glance it brings him/her deeper into the site. An unfortunate photography selection, even with a a quality graphic design, is a bad choice.

The hosting, the domain name and the mail

In Aulapars we deal with the task of registering and managing the web hosting and the domain name, and the setting up of e-mail accounts. A quality hosting is basic.

In Aulapars we deal with every major aspect of web design, just get in contact with us.